Window Treatments for EVERYONE

ImageFabrics, fabric, fabric….I have been looking for window treatment fabric for days. Why is it so hard? Yes, I have shopped at every window treatment store in town but simply cannot find just the right ones. Some are so expensive that they are prohibitive, some so flimsy they just will not do. Finally, I found a place that has wonderful fabrics at wonderful prices. They know who I am talking about.

It is not rocket science to have window treatments in your home that not only coordinate with your furnishings but look incredible! Pick the fabric, pick the lining and let’s have them custom made for very little.

ImageWant the best and the newest, no problem. We will have them for you in no time. The window treatments will be the right width, length and fabric….wonderful you say. It indeed is.

I have a wide range of fabrics for you to choose from, or we can shop locally. Window treatments are so wonderful and make a room “dressed”. Why not have the ones you really want? Call me 481-1399.


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