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Browsing Design

I so love browsing for the beautiful, unique and creative. Whether it is something I have created or something another has created, love is in the eye of the beholder.

The beautiful new gold Arteriors has introduced, the nailhead trim of a buffet, the circle representing art, natures green or the stunning chandelier, I am happy to browse and fall in love.


Staging…You Want Me to Do What!

I want you to buy new bedding. I cannot remember how many times I have said this. It seems one of the most important rooms in the house keeps getting neglected. This is where you go to relax. Should this room be messy, mismatched and cluttered? NO, absolutely not.

One of the new introductions in my Bedding Line

One of the new introductions in my Bedding Line

It really doesn’t take much to have a wonderful retreat in the master suite. There are fabulous bedding sets for under $100 that will create the foundation for the remainder of the room.


JBHirsch Home Design Bedding 250Tell me why do you have such small lamps?  Get table lamps that will enhance the space. Add window treatments….and please make sure they go from the ceiling to the floor!!
The bedrooms in your house should show beautifully, as well as they baths!!! These rooms need to look like they came out of a catalog. Not expensive, they just need to look like “$$”


If you want to live in your home….take great pride in the appearance.  It doesn’t take much time nor much money to have beautiful rooms.Sula_ccomforterSet from Ollix

Products I Offer to My Clients

From furniture to bedding and everything in between. I offer some of the top lines in lighting, art, floor coverings, window treatments, furniture and soft goods. Great discounts can be realized from retail by working direct with an interior decorator, well, me to be specific.

Our initial design consultation on your home is only $150 for a two hour design session. Call and book yours today. 615-481-1399. Start saving and start styling!

Art it’s For Color

Art it's For Color

Art it’s For Color

I Love to Go to Lowe’s Home Improvement

Today I was in Lowe’s looking for a product that would waterproof a canvas I want to hang outside. No luck there but I did run across an amazing product yet to be proven by me. I am excited to try this and want to share with you.

Rust-Oleum Countertop and Cabinet Transformations. Kits allowing you to transform worn, damaged and outdated countertops into new surfaces in just one weekend. One kit covers up to 50 SF. Comes in five colors and looks incredible. The kit contains everything you need.

The countertop kit comes in two different tintable kits. One dark and one light. The dark kit can be tintable to 24 colors; the light one to 11 colors. You have the option of with or without decorative glaze. I am so excited to try this. As soon as I do I will post before and after pictures.

This should help a lot of people save money and create beautiful rooms…one at a time..by design. Until later.

Simply Elegant

Entry traditional entry
I love the simplicity of this sofa, the greenery and an elegant chandelier.  Note there is no rug to hide the beautiful floors. Nicely done.

Pictures Never Lie

I spent about thirty minutes today looking at listing in three different neighborhoods of Nashville today. Of over 60 listings I looked at there were six that looked good in pictures. All of the others had fatal flaws in presentation. I don’t think buyers want to see the front door from the inside of the home, maybe they do. If you are going to show it make sure it is warm and inviting, not bare with a rug to make sure you don’t get the floor dirty. The other thing I noticed is a lot of brass knobs, brass lighting, brass fans, brass faucets and handles….. brass, brass.

Fans, light fixtures, sink hardware, and knobs are so inexpensive and make a world of difference when a buyer looks at the pictures. They aren’t thinking….oh no complete remodel. White cabinets are also easily fixed with a bit of paint and glaze.

Cats, clutter and crowded bookcases; they are everywhere. Take the cat away when the pictures are taken. Pack up some of those books and arrange the bookshelves attractively, declutter for goodness sakes. Get rid of some of that stuff so we can see the house and the space in the house for the buyers stuff.

Toilets, now really, do I want to see a bunch of toilets, maybe the master, maybe the sink, but commodes…no thanks.

Pictures of your children and their names…..aren’t you a bit worried about security. Take the pictures down, and for the love of the children, take their names off the walls. Let’s clear out their rooms to show the space.

One of the rules of staging is to remove religious icons from the home. I know this offends some, but we are not selling our religion we are selling the house. Thanks for being so understanding.

In closing, 85% of the homes I looked at today could have been presented so much better with little investment and the assistance of a professional stager. One of the staged homes had a contract offer and was only on the market 5 days. Staging pays off and pays up!

The Staged Breakfast Rooom

The "Staged" Breakfast Room

Here is an example of a well staged room:

Staged Great Room

A Well Staged Room

Staging vs. Decorating

Decorating creates an environment according to the homeowner’s taste. Staging creates an environment that appeal to future buyers, applies a universal style and is necessary for the homeowner to secure the most equity in the sale of their home.

More people come through a new listing in the first ten days it is on the market than any other period of the listing. The power of a first impression is critical. Do not place your home on the market without staging. Why risk one dollar in equity by creating a first impression that is less than favorable to a single potential buyer.

You can fly solo, or you can call the pros. You can do a lot of the clearing and cleaning yourself but when it comes to the final showcase of your house and the styling of your rooms, trust a pro to do the work.

Here are your benefits:

  • Staged properties attract more potential buyers.
  • You will experience less stress after the house sells.
  • All the sorting, organizing, and purging you promised yourself you would do is now done.
  • A faster sale, for more money=less stress.

The price of a staging consultation and a professional staged house is far less expensive than your first price reduction.

Later I will post the steps to a successful sale.  Stay tuned.

The Importance of Paint

Viewing a home online is an experience. Take note of the wall colors of each home. How do you feel if all the walls are robin egg blue as we call it. What if all the rooms were this color? Would this be overwhelming? I think so for the potential buyer. Suggestions were to one remove all if “the stuff” and then to paint in neutral shades of grays with brown undertones, or brown with gray undertones. The neutral shades will highlight the wonderful white trim, cabinets and the new granite (installed soon). Viewed on the internet, where buyers start their search, I am sure they could 1) not see the space 2) be overwhelmed with blue. If blue is your favorite color and you are decorating, try varying shades of blue. If you are staging stay away from this shade of blue….go much lighter, almost just a kiss of blue undertone in a gray. Happy staging and decorating.


All Rooms in This Home Were Blue and Just as Busy

Staging Statistics Released by International Association of Staging Professionals

Staging Statistics 2009 were just released by Barb Schwartz, StagedHomes.com. It is proven that staging a home is the best investment you can make when preparing your home for the market. Accredited Home Staging Professionals help you to create an atmosphere that “wows” the buyer. Staged homes sell quicker and for more money.

I recently viewed a home built in 1992. The decor pleasing to the owner, however, a buyer would see only “blue” and stuff. The paint color is overwhelming, and the amount of collections, stuffed animals, pillows, clutter would be all the buyer would see. We must show space allowing the buyer to place their furnishing and accessories throughout the house, creating a home they will love. The more neutral the home is, the more space you can show, the more the buyer will enjoy viewing the home over the competition.

Today homeowners with homes built 10 years ago have tremendous competition, they “MUST” stage their homes. They must neutralize the home and clear the “stuff”. Furniture placement is crucial, with the homes strongest attributes highlighted through the design. Home staging professionals know how to place the furniture, art, accessories and to create ambiance through lighting.

Take a look at these statistics. They are revealing and true. Call a professional Accredited Staging Professional. Visit my website at http://www.interiorredesignandhomestaging.com.