Nashville Staging

Staging vs. Decorating

Decorating creates an environment according to the homeowner’s taste. Staging creates an environment that appeal to future buyers, applies a universal style and is necessary for the homeowner to secure the most equity in the sale of their home.

More people come through a new listing in the first ten days it is on the market than any other period of the listing. The power of a first impression is critical. Do not place your home on the market without staging. Why risk one dollar in equity by creating a first impression that is less than favorable to a single potential buyer.

You can fly solo, or you can call the pros. You can do a lot of the clearing and cleaning yourself but when it comes to the final showcase of your house and the styling of your rooms, trust a pro to do the work.

Here are your benefits:

  • Staged properties attract more potential buyers.
  • You will experience less stress after the house sells.
  • All the sorting, organizing, and purging you promised yourself you would do is now done.
  • A faster sale, for more money=less stress.

The price of a staging consultation and a professional staged house is far less expensive than your first price reduction.

Later I will post the steps to a successful sale.  Stay tuned.