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“Love” Your Mantle

“Love” Your Mantle…a very important part of your living space is the fireplace. Make sure the dressing you achieve brings you pleasure. Small lamp lighting on a mantle is lovely and adds warmth.

Color, It Speaks to Us

Color tugs at our emotions in a lot of ways. Color speaks volumes; energy, solitude, beauty, freshness, passion, purity, life. The colors of the rainbow always make us happy. They represent fresh air after the storm.

Do the colors in your home speak to you?

Oranges and ambers what a range; from pumpkins to fireside flame. Warm, spicy, these perk us up and keep us warm.

Light greens and blues speak to our sense of rest; a need to escape. These shades are soft, peaceful, quiet. Beautiful shades of aqua to the crystal blues of the ocean. Our love for solitude reflected in color.

Romance, who doesn’t love it? A beautiful rose garden, the blush of a child’s cheeks. Playful and feminine, coral or cotton candy, pink or purple, they all lift the spirit and leave us feeling…so….

Tranquility, gems, uplifting describe turquoise. Turquoise is a wonderfully spirited. This color is said to enhance your creativity, yet is fresh as the morning dew.

Who can resist a bit of red. Passionate, warm and the heart of the home. Red can add drama, or spark a bit of heat in a room.

Purity. We all loves the different shades of white. Comforting to the spirit and the soul. It is simple, it is pure and it is natural.

Nature. Green, brown, growth, rebirth. The grass is always greener. Nature speaks to us in all of it’s glorious color, but the foundation is green.

Take a look at the colors in your home. Do they speak to you? Are you happy with them?

Top 10 Reasons to Stage Your Home

Staging has gained so much popularity it is easy to tell when looking at pictures on the Multiple Listing Services which homes are going to show the best, the “staged” ones.

  • A staged home will stand out from other homes on the market in the same price range, etc.
  • It has been proved that a “staged” home will sell for more money. Sellers get a better return on their investment.
  • A “staged” property will sell faster, even in a slow market.
  • Buyers begin their search on the internet, a “staged” home will look better in print and on line.
  • Buyers will be attracted to a “staged” home, as will Realtors. “Staged” homes have more viewings.
  • If a buyer sees a “staged” home it will end up on their short list.
  • “Staged” homes are viewed as well maintained and in good repair.
  • Appraisers view a “staged” home better.
  • “Staged” homes usually appraise for more.
  • A Buyer perceives a “staged” home as move in ready, and they are.

The money invested in staging, from $150-5000, is a great investment. The return is reported to be as much as 340%.

Why not explore “staging” if you are planning to place your home on the market? It will pay off.

Staging Statistics Released by International Association of Staging Professionals

Staging Statistics 2009 were just released by Barb Schwartz, It is proven that staging a home is the best investment you can make when preparing your home for the market. Accredited Home Staging Professionals help you to create an atmosphere that “wows” the buyer. Staged homes sell quicker and for more money.

I recently viewed a home built in 1992. The decor pleasing to the owner, however, a buyer would see only “blue” and stuff. The paint color is overwhelming, and the amount of collections, stuffed animals, pillows, clutter would be all the buyer would see. We must show space allowing the buyer to place their furnishing and accessories throughout the house, creating a home they will love. The more neutral the home is, the more space you can show, the more the buyer will enjoy viewing the home over the competition.

Today homeowners with homes built 10 years ago have tremendous competition, they “MUST” stage their homes. They must neutralize the home and clear the “stuff”. Furniture placement is crucial, with the homes strongest attributes highlighted through the design. Home staging professionals know how to place the furniture, art, accessories and to create ambiance through lighting.

Take a look at these statistics. They are revealing and true. Call a professional Accredited Staging Professional. Visit my website at